Multimedia Journalist

About Me

My name is Anna and I'm a writer at my core. It started as fiction from a very young age, then moved towards blogging and opinon pieces, and as I've aged has found it's home in journalism and social media.

 In July of 2018 I graduated at the heart of Northern journalism, Media City, with a Multimedia Journalism degree from the University of Salford.  

Since my degree I have found my home in social media, but am still looking to expand my reach further into more creative roles, to get my voice out into the world.

I specialise in online print journalism, but am never one to shy away from all mediums. My passions include discussing the more taboo topics such as mental health, feminism and body positivity. I'm also an avid film lover and terrible television fan. 

I currently work as a Social Media Manager at Just Your Outfit.

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